*USA* Echolink Conference # 181517
IRLP Reflector 9369


The *USA* echolink conference server is located in Fenton, Michigan and is open to all radio amatures.

The *USA* Conference does not allow Courtesy Tones, ID's and DTMF through the network. Bouncing Links and Repeaters will be muted, then removed from the server. The server should be treated as a repeater by all who join as there are multiple links and repeaters connected. 

Multi-conference is not allowed. If your station allows Multi-conferencing your station will receive a autobot error message in the text box stating to remove multi-conference. Then your station will be muted from the server for appx. 15 minutes to allow you to adjust your settings.

The server and reflector are living phiscaly in Fenton, MI USA.

There are currently different nets that happen at random times.


If you have an issue with a station please contact me directly @ fred@moses.bz