Do you want to get an email or SMS message with the dispatch audio attached to it for different fire departments.  Well thats what the service is. Each one of the following alert systems is a dedicated computer and radio that is locked just on the dispatch channel so that no pages are lost.  When the system hears the proper 2 tone for a department it records the next 30-40 seconds of audio then sends it out.

Before you signup it's good to test your phone / device to make sure things will work for you.  The system offers 2 different audio types now. The default is AMR format which is used on 95% of cellphones.  Also an MP3 offering is coming online in addition to the AMR format.   To test download these two sample files and email them to your phones MMS address.  It will let you know which format works on your phone.  AMR Test File    -    MP3 Test File   Make sure that you send a blank email with only the audio file attached to your MMS/SMS email address for your phone...  If that doesn't work and you have email on your phone you can try sending as well directly to that email address... Any email address will work on the system.

 If you need the MP3 version of the page out just add .mp3 to the end of the departmet.  So would be the default .amr file and would be the .mp3 version.  Not all alerts are setup for mp3 yet.  If you get an error trying to signup for .mp3 then it's not yet been upgraded.

To subsribe send an email to in the body of the message put:
join, youremail

The above will add you to the list. You will get a message back telling you it was added.
Make sure you put the comma between the list name and your email address.
If you want multiple
 departments just put each department on it's own line in the email.




Here is the information for the different cell providers in our area.  Please Test these out before you signup it will make the proccess go alot smother.  IF you have a smart phone with email. SIGN UP your email address.  It works better for those phones then the MMS-SMS Address's..

Verizon Wireless -
ATT - 
Metropcs -
Sprint -
Alltell -
T-Mobile -


Need to unsubscribe watch the following video.