Name: 78F911
Description: Shiawassee County Michigan, Fire Talkgroups
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Location: Fenton TWP, MI
Radio: PRO-2096
Antenna: 10DBi Beam
Emergency Power: Battery Only
Tower: 1-4 Owosso
Talkgroups/Channels: 1589 78F911    Central 911 Fire - Dispatch
1590 78FGR1    County Fireground 1
1591 78FGR2    County Fireground 2
1592 78FGR3    County Fireground 3
1593 78FGR4    County Fireground 4
1598 78BTFD    Burns Twp. Fire
1601 78CCFD    Corunna - Caledonia Fire
1603 78DUFD    Durand Fire
1605 78HTFD    Hazelton Twp Fire
1608 78LSW     Laingsburg-Scoita-Woodhull Fire/EMS
1613 78OTFD    Owosso Twp Fire
1617 78PAFR    Perry Fire
1621 78STFD    Shiawassee Twp Fire
1625 78VNFD    Venice Twp Fire
1624 78VRFD    Vernon Fire